Five Steps to do for Success in Freelance Writing


How many articles do you write per day? As a freelance writer, it is quite a challenging task to keep up with the writing schedules. Along with great writing skills, you need your own personal brand management.

Many tips are discussed in this blog post to enhance your freelance writing career and to advertise your personal brand.


1. Your Writing skill is Your Personal Brand

When you work from home as a writer, honestly, you are your own personal brand. Because, your proven skills in developing content fetch you more clients.

The samples and testimonials are of great value apart from your portfolio.

With high demand in English Language, it calls for not only error-free grammar, but also your writing style.

There's a lot of competition out there. You may find it hard to get your profile noticed.

Specifically, when contractors are being highly narrow in filtering profiles, most of the time, you spend waiting to hear from job applications.

At times you may not hear f…

How to Win Freelance Writing Contracts (Tips & Ideas for you)

As there is a lot of competition in freelance writing, earning writing contracts is difficult. Even though you may be applying with lot of samples, website and testimonials, there is no guarantee that you would win the contract. There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly, due to the extensive availability of freelance writing opportunity, many are turning into this market as it allows you to have time at your end and scope for building your forte. It is also a fact that the success rate in this market is unlimited as many work-from-home writers have proved it already earning from $100 to $1000 per article. There is a lot of potentiality for earning in this market as your hard work in collecting researched data and developing unique content is well accepted for publishing your works. On the other hand, Internet businesses need a lot of marketing content and if you are capably developing content for achieving business targets, your earnings are always on the higher side. While some wr…

The Dos' and Don'ts in Freelance Writing career

Are you a freelance writer working from home? Sure, it’s great. Irrespective of how long you have been into freelance writing, it’s definitely more worth to discuss about how to fix your prices, earn more contracts and make it a come-back clients list. As you know the world of freelance writing is huge and as stated by many writers, it’s hard to find a regular flow of writing contracts. Having niche expertise can surely guarantee some earnings, but you should also be agreeing that others are working as hard as you do. With hundreds of niche topics available online, you achieve success with words and that’s definitely incredible job. But, you agree, it’s not enough. The Dos' of Freelance Writing Apart from having adequate expertise, you should also be smart to fix your prices that pays off your dedication and quality content. Currently, how much do you charge per article? As you know the freelance writing market is definitely low in price, but if you are popular online, you would get…

How to Write and Publish Blog post Consistently for Best Results?

Blogs are very active online as every small and big business is having their own blog as a marketing tool. Audience mostly check blog for latest updates about products, offers and much more. As many consider a blog to be an interactive tool between customers and a business, it is also mostly sought after for marketing your products and services. Many have even generated income through a wordpress or blogger blog. A blog is not only easy to customize, but it has easy CMS (Content Management System) to add plugins and navigate through easily at the backend. How exactly a blog post is written? While some may say, it can be started off as an easy conversation to share the news with audience, while others make it as a business delivery of content to talk about a product, service or sharing knowledge and information. While everything sells with a blog, the success of a blog is highly depending on whether or not you are inviting any traffic.  This means, if your blog is earning more traffic to …

Would you like to earn from Freelance Writing? Here's What you do to Work on Quality

Content writing is a huge field. It offers not only good career opportunities, but it also enables you to help other writers and small business owners. With Internet on the rise, content is everywhere online. Reading is necessary online whether it is a Facebook post or a blog article, audience spend time in reading.
The creative job of content writing also requires some of the technical writing areas like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Mobile advertising, product description, reviews, white papers, case studies and social media. Understanding about one or more of these areas not only establishes your expertise, but it also explores more writing jobs that will get you more writing contracts.
Though you begin with a blog article, you can find your writing getting published in several article directories as you gain practice. With so many writers already trying to find gain recognition, you may soon doubt how would you be placed in stiff competition. But the fact is, with growing demand…

4 Tips to Launch Freelance Writing Career

Freelance writing is a hot cake. This is one career that you can start off with zero investment. All that you need is a desktop or a laptop and Internet connectivity.  If you are a native English speaker, you are way ahead. Working from mom, setting time at your own pace, you can earn. What is more inspiring is, you never run out of writing ideas. You develop a passion for writing. What to know, if you wish to be a freelance writer - Part I.

Internet offers huge writing opportunities. As small businesses search to find their content marketing for sales and leads, writers are at the forefront.  Begin with simple article writing. Write blog posts daily in a niche. List your interests first and select the top most niche that you find most interesting. Set your goal to acquire expertise. Practice lot of writing.  Profitable freelance writing career requires hard work.

How much to write everyday? It's your choice. The total time you set aside decides your freelance article writing pro…

How to Offer SEO Writing Services? (Tips for Freelance Writing)

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Most significantly important services in SEO Copywriting
SEO copywriting continues to be a very good source of online marketing and advertisement on a single platform and it takes care of every need of content.
Categories of SEO copywriting services ·Copywriting services Copywriting services are heavily in demand as there is vast need for grammar, style, language and proof reading. Every sentence of a content or an article is carefully analysed and proof read in order to make the content more interesting for the benefit of readers. Therefore the success in copywriting services is definitely reliable and considered as one of the most important aspect of online content ready to be published.There is every matter of aspect that is analysed with reason before the content is approved.But the main motive of copy writing se…